Canada’s Prime Minister pretends his rusty old HP notebook is a MacBook

Canada’s Liberal Party recently posted an image showing the country’s Prime Minister (PM) Justin Trudeau using an HP notebook pretending to be a MacBook, instantly spanning memes.


  • Canada’s PM is photographed using what looks like a MacBook.
  • It’s really an HP notebook, however, with an Apple sticker covering the logo.
  • In Trudeau’s defense, he wasn’t trying to fool anyone.
  • Nevertheless, the internet had a field day with the photo.

Canada’s PM uses a fake MacBook

The photo in question was published on the Liberal Party website, iPhoneinCanada reports.

The photograph depicts Trudeau, along with volunteering members of the Liberal Party, using a notebook that looks like a MacBook. At closer inspection, however, it’s clearly an HP machine with an Apple sticker slapped over the HP logo. And pretty carelessly, too, as the sticker is applied with a slight angle and clearly shows the HP logo underneath.

Toronto Sun reporter Bryan Passifiume shared the photo on Twitter.

Braeden Caley, who is Senior Director of Communications for Canada’s Liberal Party, took to Twitter to comment on the situation. He explained that the computer depicted in the photo is the property of the Liberal Party rather than Trudeau’s personal machine.

According to Caley, one of the party’s Mac-loving volunteers apparently Apple-ified the machine and Trudeau obviously couldn’t care less about it.

A team laptop borrowed for a moment in the Liberal Party of Canada volunteer hub, for a drop-in to thank volunteers virtually during successful by-elections early last fall. Some especially keen Apple fans there just brought some ‘real change’ to the look of a team’s notebook.

Nicely done. Whatever the party is paying Caley isn’t enough.