In the latest episode of the Downtime podcast: AirTag stalking, Birthday Reminder, and more

Sebastien goes solo again in this monologue about Apple Music, and being stalked by an AirTag. He also talks about his Birthday Reminder app, cocktail habits, and his decision to not use an Apple Watch anymore.

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Apple Music gains spatial audio support with Dolby Atmos, lossless audio coming to the entire catalog

What it looks like when an AirTag is stalking you

App of the week: Birthday Reminder

What we’ve been drinking: Negroni


Coin Daddy asks on Twitter: Does the Apple Music lossless audio announcement really make a difference to you guys since I assume your main headphones are probably AirPods and what case do you use on your phones if any?

Rob asks by email: why did Sebastien decide to stop using an Apple Watch?

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