How to reduce photo size on iPhone and Mac

With the improvement in cameras on smartphones, the photos have gone up in size. Thanks to bigger file sizes, it may become difficult to quickly share a bunch of files. Luckily, there are several methods that you can use to reduce the size of a photo on your iPhone and Mac. In fact, both iOS and macOS offer built-in tools that can help reduce photo size. If you feel that a photo is too large to be uploaded or shared, then you may want to compress it. Those who deal with a lot of photos will also be able to save some space by doing this.

Today, we’re going to show you how you can reduce the photo size on your iPhone and Mac using built-in tools. We will also showcase an easy to use third-party app for iOS, which helps in bulk size reduction of photos.

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How to reduce photo size on iPhone

Reducing the size of a photo taken on your iPhone is pretty simple. We’ve outlined two methods that you can use to compress a photo. The first involves the use of a built-in iOS feature, while the second one uses a third-party app.

Change camera output format

iOS offers an easy option that lets you adjust the camera format for efficiency. The format is known as HEIC, or High-Efficiency Image Container, and is Apple’s alternative to JPEG. Using this format for the iPhone camera will result in high-quality images that are smaller in size when compared to JPEG files. Here’s how to enable this format on your iPhone.

1) Launch the Settings app.

2) Navigate to the Camera options.

3) Tap on Formats and choose High Efficiency.

iPhone camera format

The photos taken from your iPhone will now have smaller file sizes and can be shared faster.

Use Compress Photos app

To batch reduce the size of a several photos, you can download an app developed by iDB called Compress Photos & Pictures. It’s available as a free download from the App Store. Here’s how to use this app to compress photos on your iPhone.

1) Launch Compress Photos & Pictures app on your iPhone.

2) Provide access to your Photos and then tap on Select Photos to Compress.

compress photos app 1

3) Select the images that you want to compress from your Photo Albums.

4) Select Next to choose the Photo quality and Photo dimensions.

compress photos app 3

5) Tap on the Compress button to start compressing the photos.

compress photos app 4

After the compression is completed, you can either choose to delete the original file, or keep it. The compressed photos with smaller file size should be automatically saved in the Photos app.

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Send photos to yourself in WhatsApp or other similar services

Another trick to reduce photo sizes is to send the photos to yourself on messaging services such as WhatsApp or Telegram. These apps will automatically reduce the size of the images in order to send them faster. The received files are hence smaller in size, but they also lose out on quality. We would recommend the first two methods over this one.

How to reduce photo size on Mac

If you’re transferring files from your iPhone to Mac, then you may also use the built-in image resizer in macOS. Here’s how to reduce photo size on your Mac.

1) Open the photo in Preview for Mac.

2) Click on File and scroll to the Export option.

preview export mac

3) A dialogue box will appear with options for changing format, name, quality, and so on. Simply choose JPEG and reduce the quality to see the resultant file size.

4) Choose a location for the new compressed photo.

photo compress mac

There you have it. An easy and quick way to reduce the photo size on your Mac computer. You can also quickly resize multiple photos simultaneously using this method.

Wrapping up

As you can see, reducing the size of photos on your iPhone and Mac is simple thanks to in-built tools and some third-party apps. These tips can be useful when you have to share a large number of files over an email or upload them somewhere.