How to recalibrate your iPhone 11 battery in iOS 14.5

With the release of iOS 14.5, Apple brought a fix for iPhone 11 users who were facing inconsistent information regarding battery health. The update will recalibrate the battery on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the Pro Max models. Due to the issue, users faced sudden battery drains, and reduced performance, despite nothing being wrong with the battery.

In this article, we will show you how to recalibrate iPhone 11 battery on iOS 14.5 to improve battery life and performance. This guide is only useful for iPhone 11 users, as only these devices have been facing the issue.

Recalibrate iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or 11 Pro Max battery

Installing the iOS 14.5 update on the iPhone 11 line-up will automatically start the battery calibration process. Here’s how to check if the battery recalibration has commenced.

1) Open the Settings app and navigate to Battery.

2) Now tap on the Battery Health option.

Recalibrating iPhone battery

3) You should be able to see a notification saying ‘Important Battery Message‘. If the process has started, then the notification will say that ‘your battery health reporting system is recalibrating Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability. The process may take a few weeks‘.

The recalibration process

Once the battery recalibration process has started, it could take a couple of weeks for your iPhone 11 to report the correct battery levels. During the process, there will be no change in the maximum battery capacity percentage shown on the page. The peak performance parameters may be updated, and you will no longer see messages suggesting that your battery has degraded.

After the process is completed, you should see updated maximum capacity percentage and peak performance capability. The message displayed on the top of the screen will also be gone. However, at times, during the process, you may see a message saying ‘Unable to recommend service‘. This is perfectly fine as the software won’t be able to recommend anything during the process.

Now, if the recalibration process fails, then it means that your battery has actually degraded and that you may need to replace it. The notification at the top of the Battery Health page will suggest a free replacement at an Apple Authorized service center. For peak performance and capacity of the battery, you will need to get it replaced.

This is the new battery recalibration feature included in iOS 14.5 for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max. If you own any of these devices, and have been facing battery related issues, then you must install the update.

Wrapping up

Although it may take a couple of weeks to recalibrate the battery on iPhone 11, it’s definitely worth it. If there’s an issue with your battery, you can get a free replacement from Apple. The recalibration will fix any software glitches and start reporting correct battery health and peak performance capability.