djay Pro for iOS gains AI-generated DJ sets

German developer Algoriddim has updated its djay Pro app for the iPhone and iPad with new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features, leveraging the Neural engine in Apple silicon.


  • djay Pro for iOS now uses AI to generate DJ sets.
  • It leverages Apple’s Neural engine.
  • Other AI-powered improvements are available.
  • The Mac app was not updated with the new features.

djay Pro’s improved Automix AI and Neural Mix

This is possible thanks to a major update to the app’s Automix AI and Neural Mix features that now let folks fully immerse themselves with professional-grade, AI-generated DJ sets.

According to an announcement on the Algoriddim website, the Automix AI feature has been completely rewritten from scratch, with a new Automix browser letting you curate tracklists and Neural Mix now offers four channels of music isolation.

Enhanced Neural Mix capabilities provide users with an opportunity to apply audio FX to each specific component. Users can also loop isolated components as a track continues playing and crossfade up to four Neural Mix components separately between decks.

You also get enhanced transition options that now isolate components of each track. The Automix feature can now automatically deconstruct two songs into their original components during a transition, applying appropriate effects and filters to each.

In a performance setting this allows djay users to temporarily leave the decks, whilst keeping the mix alive. The feature also allows casual music fans to play full automated DJ sets, loaded with all of their favourite tracks, live, on-the-fly and without any additional user interaction.

The new automatic transitions include:

  • Dissolve: Delicately evaporates the outgoing track.
  • Riser: Creates that festival feel, steadily creating energy before swapping the tracks.
  • Echo: Gives you a fast mix into the new track while the outgoing one bounces off into the distance.

Other tidbits include a new slicer for creating custom mashups and remixes, new performance tools, an increased maximum loop size for the sampler recorder, nested lops and more.

The Automix feature once led musician Noel Gallagher to describe the software as the best app that’s ever been invented. “You just put all your music into it, and then, if you’re having a party, you turn it on and just leave it, and its A.I. auto-DJs the entire evening for you,” he said.

An earlier update to djay Pro brought support for gesture control on the iPad.

djay Pro is available for iOS, watchOS and macOS in the App Store.