Apple promotes its plan for every one of its products to be carbon neutral by 2030 in new video

Apple has been making it clear that the environment is a major focal point for the company for quite some time. Back in July of last year, for instance, it restated its goal to have the entire supply chain be 100% carbon neutral by 2030. And, today, Apple’s using a video to make that promise again.

The video’s title is apt: “Every product carbon neutral by 2030”. The company itself is already 100 percent carbon neutral, which means it has set its sights on a much broader target: basically every other company Apple works with in one way or another. That includes manufacturers, assemblers, testers, and everyone else down the line.

Including the consumer, as much as that’s possible, anyway.

Apple’s promoting its commitments to the environment today because, in part, it’s Earth Day. So it is pledging, yet again, to strive for that 100 percent carbon neutral goal with recycling, shipping, usage, testing, and manufacturing.

Here’s the text Apple included with the video it released today:

Apple is already carbon neutral. But that’s just the start of our climate commitment. By 2030, every single Apple product around the world will be carbon neutral. From design to manufacturing to shipping, usage, and recycling. Because the Earth won’t wait. And neither will we.

So, Apple has a plan. It worked out for its own footprint, and the company has certainly given itself plenty of time to meet this particular goal. It will be interesting to see if it actually attains it.