The online Apple Store goes offline ahead of today’s “Spring Loaded” special event

Apple’s online stores around the world have gone temporarily offline ahead of the “Spring Loaded” special event at 10am PT today, expected to serve as a launchpad for a mix of new products including new iPad, AirTags item trackers, iPhone cases, revamped iMacs and more.


  • Apple is holding a special event later today.
  • Apple’s online store went down ahead of the event.
  • Apple typically takes its online store down ahead of major events.
  • You can buy new products from Apple after the event has wrapped up.

Apple Store goes down as the “Spring Loaded” event looms

“Be right back,” reads Apple’s message to customers trying to buy any products from the company’s online stores around the world. “We’re making updates to the Apple Store,” the message continues. “Check back soon.” The online store will go online as soon as today’s event has wrapped up so that people can immediately browse, check out and order new products.

After all those years, it’s unclear whether Apple is taking the online store down ahead of major events as part of its PR blitz to help get people talking about new products. It could also be a technical requirement meant to keep information about upcoming gadgets under wraps as the company’s website team refreshes content and adds new product pages.

Apple’s event takes place today at 10am PT in Cupertino, California.

The online-only happening will have Apple’s prerecorded presentation streaming live on, through the TV app on the Apple TV and the company’s official YouTube channel. Stay tuned to iDB as we’ll be providing continuous remote coverage of major announcements.