Apple TV+ shares how “Tiny World” crew filmed underwater shots without releasing bubbles

Apple TV+’s nature docuseries “Tiny World” grabs you with spectacular cinematography, and now Apple has shared how its filmmakers used gas-retaining diving equipment to capture underwater shots at the Great Barrier Reef without releasing bubbles.

“Down in Australia, underwater photographers reveal how they were able to record tiny heroes defending their coral homes during the making of Tiny World Season 2,” Apple notes.

Watch Apple’s behind-the-scenes video, titled “Filming Inside the Reef”.

The special gear they used is referred to as rebreather because it uses carbon sequestration materials to absorb carbon dioxide while recirculating the air a diver uses underwater.

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Narrated by Paul Rudd, “Tiny World” is a high-quality documentary series abput small creatures and the extraordinary things they do to survive. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and put “Tiny World” on in your Up Next queue. It’s one of the bests nature docuseries with some of the best photography you’ll ever see in any natural history documentary.

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