Apple’s TV app is showing incorrect pricing for some content

Apple’s TV app is typically a one-stop-shop for finding TV shows and films of all kinds. And usually that’s a good thing, because it means buying, renting, or finding where to stream content is easy. But it’s not so great when pricing information isn’t accurate.

As noted today by MacRumors, Apple’s TV app isn’t showing correct pricing information for some content. At least, not as far as their dedicated browsing sections are concerned. If you’ve perused the TV app before, you’ve probably noticed there is a “Browse by Price” section. In it, you can find movies categorized by the price tag, with options like $4.99, $6.99, and up to $9.99.

Typically you’d find movies that are priced accordingly in those categories. That doesn’t appear to be the case right now, though.

As some have noticed, there are films in these categories that aren’t reflecting the apparent price. For example, 10 Things I Hate About You is in the $4.99 category, but you can buy it for $17.99. In the same $4.99 category there are other films like Crazy Stupid LoveThe WitchThe 40-Year-Old VirginNapoleon Dynamite, and others that are priced at $14.99.

There are some films seeing the opposite situation, too. For example, the film Now You See Me is priced at $4.99, but that’s in the $12.99 price category.

The original report notes that there are pricing discrepancies in other categories, too, including “Family Movie Night”. Basically, it might be worth checking the price, especially if you dig into one of the price categories, before you hit that buy button.

Hopefully Apple fixes the problem soon.