Art+Steps, Greg, Halbestunde, and other apps to check out this weekend

In this week’s episode of our Apps of the Week roundup, we have a unique new step-counter, a super smart plant care assistant, and an app for learning the piano. And as always, we’ve selected two great games for you to check out.


What do you get when you cross a digital art museum with an activity tracker? Meet Art+Steps, the app that has you walk to unlock famous works. I know it’s kind of a weird combo, but hey if other apps haven’t been able to get you to walk more, maybe this one will.

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Greg: Plant Care Assistant

So this is kind of cool. Whether you’d like to get into growing, or you already have a green thumb, Gary aims to help your plants reach their full potential. The app uses insights from over 35K data points to create a custom care schedule for your plants that evolves over time. Oh look, time to water the Ficus!

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Halbestunde: Learn Pian‪o

Halbes-whatever makes it easy to practice and learn new music. Just scan over the sheet music using your phone, listen to the app play the music so you know how it’s supposed to sound, and then you play the music and the app points out any issues that need corrected. It’s like having your own private instructor, in your pocket!

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I’ll be honest, this game had me at the screenshots. Just look at those beautiful, minimal graphics. Anyway if you like puzzles, Blixi is worth checking out. Features include single finger gameplay and challenging achievements, and there are no ads or time limits to worry about.

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Dead Man’s Phone

In this game you are put in charge of the investigation regarding the death of 16-year-old Jerome Jacobs, who was thrown from the twelfth floor of a London tower block. Witnesses heard him yelling ‘redman’ as he fell. Now you must comb through his phone—messages, social media, calls, etc.—and figure out who did it. If you like Netflix crime dramas or true crime podcasts, you HAVE to check out this game.

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