Apple TV+ brings on Zennen Clifton as creative executive

Apple TV+ continues to add new content to its lineup on a semi-regular basis (with a lot of films and series still in early development), and sometimes that happens on the executive side, too.

Today, Deadline is reporting that Apple TV+ has added one more to its executive list, bringing on veteran Zennen Clifton in a creative executive role. Clifton has been in the entertainment business for a long time, starting off at Endeavor/WME and moving on to Yahoo! Studios at one point. His last gig, from which he left to join Apple in January of this year, was executive vice president at 3BD Networks.

At 3BD Networks, Clifton worked with direct-to-consumer content initiatives, so exactly what Apple TV+ deals with on a regular basis.

From the report:

He joins from digital entertainment studio 3BD Networks, where he was EVP, leading the company’s direct-to-consumer content initiatives and working at its branded content studio.

Clifton’s new role with Apple TV+ is as a creative executive, and he’ll be answering to Matt Cherniss, Apple’s current head of development for Apple TV+. Cherniss joined Apple TV+ back in 2017.

Clifton will be working on quite a bit of development with Apple TV+, both for what’s already in the pipeline and what has yet to be announced (or reported on by the outlets). For Apple, this is a big get as Clifton has plenty of experience in the industry as a whole.