Apple Maps can now show COVID-19 airport travel guidance

Apple Maps continues to add new elements to make it more helpful to users, especially those trying to find information related to COVID-19.

Airports Council International (ACI) today officially announced that Apple Maps can now show travel guidance for airports as it directly relates to COVID-19. The information is presented in a single paragraph, which will also include a link to the individual airport’s travel guidance page. That link will lead to even more relevant information.

When looking for this information, open Apple Maps and locate the airport you want to see information for. There, under “Directions”, you’ll see the travel guidance.

From today’s announcement:

The recovery of air travel will rely on passenger confidence in the industry’s focus on their health and welfare,” said ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira. “Having this information displayed in Apple Maps will help to make this crucial data much more broadly accessible to passengers. This will help passengers to plan their journeys and be reassured that their health and safety remains a priority for the industry as we all work towards a sustained return to operations and global connectivity. Collaboration remains key to a globally coordinated recovery and we are grateful to our members for the partnership we have forged to deliver this important tool that will contribute to the rebuilding of passenger confidence in air travel.

However, there’s a catch. The information will only be presented in Apple Maps if the airport is actively participating in the ACI’s Health Measures Portal. So, unfortunately, not every airport might be showing this information at present.

In related news, Apple added COVID-19 vaccination locations in the United States.