Video: This iPad stylus has a mouse built into it

Instead of having to carry your iPad stylus along with a mouse/trackpad everywhere you go, why not carry just one thing? That’s exactly the biggest selling point of a cool Adonit stylus so we have asked our videographer, Harris Craycraft, to create a video to tell you all about it.

Never until now have a mouse and a stylus been combined into a single accessory. This mouse/stylus hybrid for the iPad from Adonit was released last year, but Harris had a lot of things on his plate so he couldn’t get to reviewing it until now.

You can watch his video review embedded further ahead.

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With the integrated mouse function, you get both left and right-click buttons along with a handy touch panel to achieve the touch-sensitive scrolling wheel on the stylus. Additionally, the mouse end can work on any device with Bluetooth such as phones, laptops and computers.

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Priced at $80 a pop, this isn’t the most affordable stylus out there, and build quality could frankly be better. On the other hand, Adonit is an established player in this market and we have rarely encountered serious issues with their styli so that’s something to keep in mind when making a purchasing decision.

You can purchase the Adonit Note-M from the Adonit webstore, Amazon and other retailers.