Apple Maps rolling out speed camera alerts in the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries

Apple Maps customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and other countries have now begun reporting seeing a yellow icon on their iPhone or CarPlay while navigating in case there’s a fixed speed camera with its flash operational along their route.


  • See where speed cameras are while navigating. 
  • The feature is rolling out in more countries.
  • Only fixed-speed cameras are shown.
  • Alerts for mobile speed traps are coming via iOS 14.5

Speed camera alerts live in new countries

Dutch blog iCulture first reported that speed camera alerts began rolling out in The Netherlands and Belgium. MacRumors was able to subsequently confirm that the feature appears to have expanded or is being currently rolled out in other markets, too.

According to the publication, the speed camera feature is also appearing for Apple Maps users in Australia, Austria, Sweden and New Zealand. It’s entirely possible that additional countries and markets could gain the useful feature as part of what seems to be a staggered rollout.

Support for speed cameras was added to Apple’s mapping software with the public release of iOS 14. This feature informs the user they’re approaching speed and red-light cameras along their route. Speed cameras in Apple Maps were initially available in the United States, before expanding to other markets like Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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The Cupertino tech giant lists markets and regions where speed camera alerts along with other Apple Maps features are available via a support document on its website.

There’s typically a delay before Apple the document with new availability information. At the time of this writing, for instance, the support document did not reflect the addition of speed cameras in Maps for users in the Netherlands, Belgium and other markets.

Apple is working on a new Waze-like reporting feature for Maps in iOS 14.5 that enables drivers to report speed checks and inform them of mobile speed traps.