Apple Maps in iOS 14.5 will add Waze-like features for accidents, road hazards, and speed traps

iOS 14.5 is shaping up to be a pretty big software update for the mobile operating system. Along with the other new features coming down the pipe, it looks like Apple Maps will see a significant uptick in features, too.

TechCrunch was the first to note the upcoming changes for Apple Maps. The publication states that Apple’s service will gain Waze-like features with the impending update. That includes the ability to register not only speed traps and accidents, but also other road hazards.

There will be a couple of different ways to report these things in Apple Maps. The easiest might be with Siri. For example, as noted in the original report, users will be able to say something like, “Hey Siri, report an accident”. In addition to that, users will find a new way to add information regarding an accident, speed traps, and other hazards while using CarPlay.

If you want to use your iPhone, you can find the new “Report” option when you swipe up from the bottom while navigating to a location. As long as enough Apple Maps users report the same thing, then it should appear in the service as an alert for other users.

Per the report:

To use the new features, drivers will be able to report road issues and incidents by using Siri on their iPhone or through Apple’s CarPlay. For example, during navigation, they’ll be able to tell Siri things like ‘there’s a crash up head,’ ‘there’s something on the road,’ or ‘there’s a speed trap here.’ They’ll also be able to correct stale accident or hazard alert information by saying things like “the hazard is gone” or the “incident is no longer here.

Apple is currently beta testing iOS 14.5 right now. However, there’s no word quite yet when the new software will launch to the public. You can see what else is new in the upcoming update in the link just below.

Resource: What’s new in iOS 14.5 beta 1

Are you looking forward to these new Apple Maps features?