Apple confirms iMessage, App Store, and other services experiencing outages and issues [Updated: Fixed]

Apple’s services are not immune to outages. And today a range of services are experiencing outages and issues, according to Apple itself.

Update (03/29/2021)Well, that was fast. Apple has patched the issues across its services, according to its system status page. It’s possible there are some lingering hiccups, but, Apple says the underlying problems have been fixed.

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According to Apple’s official system status page, several of the companies services are experiencing an outage or issue right now. According to the page, the Mac App Store is currently experiencing an outage, and so is the iOS App Store. Apple says that in this case, these services may be “slow or unavailable”.

Meanwhile, Game Center, iCloud Drive, iCloud Mail, and iMessage experiencing issues. Apple’s page says that for these impacted services, the same thing can happen. However, things are a bit different for iCloud Mail, which Apple says:

Users are experiencing a problem with this service. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.

As soon as these issues are fixed, we will update this post accordingly.