Apple shares another iPhone 12 ad centered on the Ceramic Shield protective glass coating

Apple has shared a new iPhone 12 commercial on its official channel on YouTube, aptly titled “Fumble,” which promotes the company’s new custom Ceramic Shield protective glass coating that it claims brings four times drop protection compared to previous iPhone models.

“iPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield,” reads the description of the 40-second commercial. “Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone.”

And here it is.

iPhone 12 — Fumble

This is the second Apple ad to promote the Ceramic Shield. The first one, titled “Cook,” was released last month. Both ads suggest that the Ceramic Shield is virtually unbreakable.

What is Ceramic Shield?

According to Apple, however, the Ceramic Shield brings four times the drop protection versus the iPhone 11’s protective glass. While the iPhone 12 does not use the Ceramic Shield on the back, both the front and back glass have undergone dual ion-exchange processing to protect against nicks, scratches and everyday wear and tear.

The Ceramic Shield process turns nano-ceramic crystals, which are harder than most metals, into the glass. Apple claims it has developed an exclusive formula that maximizes the toughness of the ceramic while remaining optically clear. “This was the breakthrough that made Ceramic Shield ideally suited for the display,” the company notes.