iPhone 12 Ceramic Shield cover glass holds up well in early tests

One of the new elements of the iPhone 12 lineup is Ceramic Shield, a cover glass that’s meant to make the display itself more durable.

With the initial reviews, those who got to try out the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro were told not to drop test the devices. However, now that the phones are out there in the wild, all sorts of tests are being conducted. For instance, the YouTube channel MobileReviewsEh decided to test the Ceramic Shield of the display.

Ceramic Shield has nano-ceramic crystals directly infused into the glass. Apple said this will make the screen on the iPhone 12 lineup incredibly durable, and it should better handle drops in general. Of course, it’s still glass, and depending on the height of the fall, and even the angle of the impact, the screen still has a potential to crack or shatter. But Ceramic Shield should help to avoid any major catastrophe with short falls.

Using a force meter, the YouTube channel tested the iPhone 12 compared to the iPhone 11, and there’s good news: the iPhone 12 was able to withstand more force pressed against it. The iPhone 11 was able to withstand 352 newtons of force, and the iPhone 12 was able to withstand 442 newtons of force. That means the Ceramic Shield does absolutely make a difference — at least compared to last year’s iPhone.

There’s a separate scratch test as well, which the iPhone 12 performed admirably in. It was able to withstand scratches from keys, rocks, coins, and even a box cutter.

The video is absolutely worth a watch, especially if you like seeing brand new devices stress tested (without having to worry about your own). You can check it out below.

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