Spotify overhauls the Home Hub on iOS

Spotify is adding new features and improvements to the app’s Home Hub globally in an effort to make navigation and music discovery even simpler than before.


  • Access three months of your listening history.
  • Browse individual tracks in your history.
  • New podcast episodes get a dot.
  • Launching later this month. 

An illustration showing the Spotify app on iPhone with a redesigned Home Hub set against a colorful background

Focusing on song history and podcasts

While you’ve always been able to view your listening history on Spotify, it was limited to the last 50 tracks you’ve listened to. Plus, you needed to jump through a few hoops to access it. Well, Spotify’s update puts a History icon at the top of the Home Hub for quick access.

Simply touch the icon (it resembles the Time Machine icon) to access up to three months of your listening history. You can touch any individual track listed there to start playing it instantly. You can also directly jump to the playlists, album or show that a song was played from.

How to share Spotify playlists

This is available to free and paid accounts, says the announcement on the Spotify website.

New features for Premium accounts

The company also treated its paid subscribers to a pair of new features.

The first will spotlight half a dozen podcast episodes at the top of the Home Hub that Spotify thinks you might like or want to listen to. New episodes are marked with a blue dot while those you’ve already started will show a progress bar indicating how far into the episode you are.

And finally, the second new feature for Premium subscribers will highlight new releases from artists you follow. This is available in a new section underneath the highlighted podcast episodes in the Home Hub. According to the Swedish company, these discovery-oriented recommendations are “personalized, timely and reactive to your taste.”

The revamped Home Hub will be coming to iOS and Android globally this month. The company is also beta testing a new custom playlist feature in CarPlay, dubbed “Go to Song Radio.”