Downtime podcast #387: In loving memory of the HomePod

Sebastien and Cody discuss the wild ride of last week’s AirPods 3 rumors and give their thoughts on talk of a bigger iPhone battery. The pair also talk about Apple discontinuing the original HomePod and what that means for the fledgling smart speaker line. Finally, they answer listeners’ questions.

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MacBook Pro keyboard service program

The AirPods 3 saga: a timeline

Apple will step up the iPhone 13 battery life, but doing so will come at a cost

In loving memory of the HomePod:

What we’ve been watching:

  • Paradise PD on Netflix
  • South ParQ Vaccination Special on HBO


Rusty asks via email: I just finished up episode 386 where you discussed AirTags security and how a user’s iPhone would alert them if an AirTag is nearby. Let’s assume someone wants to keep tabs on a person that has an Android phone, is there anything in place to warn them as well or is it stalking Android users without them knowing unless they find the tag?

Gaetan asks on Twitter: You’re given full control of the next iPhone – design, size, internals, software – the whole bit. Whatcha making? You can even can make a non-pro (broad appeal) version and pro (niche) version. What you got in the pipeline?

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