The YouTube app no longer works on the third-generation Apple TV, please use AirPlay instead

Google has stopped supporting the official YouTube app on the third-generation Apple TV. As a result, customers are advised to use AirPlay as the only option for watching YouTube videos.


  • The native YouTube app no longer works.
  • You can AirPlay YouTube content from iOS or macOS.
  • HBO and MLB apps previously stopped working.
  • CBS All Access will soon stop working, too.
  • A brand-new Apple TV may be in the works.

Owners of the third-generation Apple TV have been seeing a message warning them about the YouTube app change since February 2021. “With AirPlay, you can stream YouTube from your iOS device directly to any Apple TV (3rd generation or later),” the message read.

Old Apple TVs are losing key apps

Google not supporting its apps on outdated hardware is nothing new. Back in 2015, the Internet giant stopped supporting YouTube on the second-generation Apple TV. These older Apple TVs don’t support 4K video output, don’t run the tvOS operating system and don’t include an App Store, meaning customers are stuck with preloaded apps.

Other developers have been phasing out support for their own apps on Apple’s older boxes. HBO’s apps, for instance, stopped working on the device in May of last year, while the MLB app was discontinued recently. CBS All Access has said it will stop supporting older Apple TVs when its new Paramount+ streaming service launches later today.

A new box is coming

Apple is rumored to be working on a new Apple TV model feature an upgraded chip with much better graphics, as well as Apple’s U1 chip for smoother proximity device interactions. The company is also thought to be working on a standalone remote for the upcoming device.

The Apple TV is a great device if you’re invested in the Apple ecosystem. However, rivals like Google, Roku and Amazon all offer better options for one-third the price. The 32GB Apple TV 4K, launched in 2017, starts at $179. A model with double the storage goes for $199). The Apple TV HD, which lacks 4K output and launched in 2015, still costs $149.

By comparison, the Roku Ultra is $99, Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is $120 (it also doubles as an Echo speaker) and Google’s new Chromecast with Android TV is retailing for just $50.