The new Paramount+ streaming service is set to launch in the US and Latin America on March 4

ViacomCBS has officially confirmed today that its new streaming service, dubbed Paramount+, is launching in the United States and Latin America on Thursday, March 4.

A rebranding of CBS All Access

A rebranding of the CBS All Access streaming service, Paramount+ builds on CBS All Access but adds even more content. While CBS All Access is mainly about CBS and web content, the new service will bring additional shows, including content from BET, Comedy Central, Pluto TV, Nickelodeon and MTV, along with and a variety of other ViacomCBS channels.

But don’t worry, CBS parent ViacomCBC will continue to offer cord-cutters its other streaming options as standalone services for the time being, including CBS All Access and BET+.

AppleInsider has more:

In Canada, CBS All Access will be rebranded as Paramount+, but won’t receive all of the new streaming service’s features until later in 2021. The service will then reach the Nordic countries on March 24 and launch in Australia sometime in mid-2021.

Paramount+ will host some Paramount Pictures movies as well.

A mountain of content

These will include the “Star Trek” films, as well as “The Godfather” and its sequels. All told, there are about 3,600 films under the Paramount banner that could be available from the ViacomCBS streaming service. As first revealed in February 2020, there will be a free, ad-supported option for folks who don’t want to fork over any money along with two paid tiers, each of which will cost some amount of money per month.

While no pricing deals have been released as of yet, the base subscription could cost less than $10 per month. Meanwhile, a tier said to include content from the premium network Showtime will probably cost more than $10 per month, but this is purely an informed guess on our part.

We won’t have to wait much longer for pricing information as CBSViacom will reveal those details at its fourth-quarter earnings call on February 24.

Did you say ‘streaming wars’?

We saw a number of streaming service launches in the past two years or so. Apple was first out of the gate with its new original video service, Apple TV+. It was followed a mere month later by Disney+. In recent months, both NBC’s Peacock and AT&T’s HBO Max have launched to bring even more options to cord-cutters.

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The proliferation of these branded video services can be chalked up to both intensifying competition and a continual decrease of linear programming viewership on TV as people are finally beginning to cut the cord in droves.