Downtime 384: The self-certified life coach

Sebastien and Cody announce the winner of last week’s giveaway, discuss their news intake strategies and cover this week’s top tech headlines. The pair also get into the future of Apple TV hardware and why switching to Android isn’t as enticing as it once was.

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Apple may be working on a MagSafe battery pack for the latest iPhone 12 series

5 budget-friendly MagSafe chargers

The Apple TV app is now available on Chromecast with Google TV What’s the point of an Apple TV then?

Apple is building a solid library for Apple TV+, but is it enough to keep subscribers?

What we’ve been watching:

  • Goliath on Prime Video
  • Vacation on HBO Max
  • Gemini Man Hulu


Dante sent us a voice memo: will we update the website?

Preston asks on Twitter: Have you guys considered a segment or new podcast where you can cover interesting Apple TV+ content with spoilers? Maybe it could be monthly or just when appropriate. Love the new show!

David emails us and says: Hey Sebastien and Cody. Firstly, I really like the new name and artwork. Although with my visual impairment I can’t appreciate the full detail of the artwork, I can see enough to say I like it! I have a question. Have either of you ever given serious thought to switching to Android? I’ve been using iPhones since the 3GS in 2009/2010, and have always loved them. I love my 12 Mini too (I did quickly get used to the size!). However just for the fun of it, and to try something different, I’ve been genuinely thinking about giving Android a shot for a year, and wondered if you’ve ever felt the same temptation for some variety? On the other hand it seems like a hassle; all of my photos are in iCloud photo library, I have an Apple Watch, AirPods etc etc… Keep up the great work, I’ll keep listening no matter what you decide to do! Cheers. Dave.

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