Watch this video of an a cappella group recreating iPhone sounds

A cappella groups are impressive in their abilities to recreate not just music, but also sounds. One such group has showcased their skills by tackling ringtones and other sounds you can find on your iPhone.

It’s Friday and it’s a pretty slow news day! So how about you let a cappella group Maytree, based out of South Korea, serenade you with some lovely iPhone sounds? Well, lovely sounds and also the iPhone’s “Alarm” ringtone, which is not lovely. Not lovely at all.

Maytree recreated a variety of iPhone sounds in a video they uploaded to YouTube that measures in just over a minute in length (via The Verge). In the video you can hear the group recreate sounds like the “Marimba” ringtone, as well as the “Opening” and “Strum” ringtones. They even recreate the iPhone’s “lock” sound for good measure.

You can hear Maytree recreate sending a text message. It’s all very cool.

Here’s the video:

And, just for fun, check out Maytree recreate various sounds from Microsoft’s Windows desktop operating system — including an error message (which made me laugh). This one only measures in at 28 seconds, so it won’t take long:

Hopefully this gives you a chuckle or a smile at least going into the weekend.