Apple has 1.65 billion active devices across the globe

When Apple announces its latest quarterly earnings, the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, tends to drop some additional information to outlets. This time around is no different, with Cook confirming a new milestone for the company relating to active devices out there in the wild.

According to the chief executive, Apple now has 1.65 billion active devices worldwide. That’s what he toldĀ Reuters today, following the company’s announcement of its record-setting first fiscal quarter of 2021. Having that many active devices is certainly a milestone for the company, and it’s quite the increase.

This time last year, Apple had 1.5 billion active devices across the globe.

Meanwhile, the iPhone itself has reached a new pinnacle of its own. Cook confirmed that the smartphone lineup now has 1 billion active out there in the world. That’s up from 900 million in 2019.

As far as activated devices are concerned, Apple keeps tabs on these: the iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, and iPod touch.