AirTags accessory makers hint at ‘late October’ launch for the tracking device

There were many rumors throughout 2020 suggesting Apple’s Tile-like tracking device, AirTags, would launch that year. However, that did not pan out. So now all eyes are on 2021, and some accessory makers are already circling dates on the calendar.

Earlier this month, we reported on different accessory makers building things for the still unannounced AirTags. Things like glasses holders and keychains. At the time, there wasn’t a hint at when AirTags might actually launch, as the companies weren’t divulging that information. That’s changing this time around, though.

As noted today by iMore, Cyrill, a brand off-shoot of Spigen, has listed accessories for the AirTags. Specifically, the “Basic Leather – Black for AirTag”. Cyrill has the listing on its website, but the company also has another listing on Amazon showing off additional color options.

Here are the features Cyrill lists on its website:

  • Stylish and classy vegan leather strap case perfect accessory for minimalist
  • Firm button clasp keeps your AirTag securely
  • Hang your AirTag on your bag, key, wallets, clutches with stylish gold clip-on carabiner
  • Wireless charging compatible.
  • CYRILL Basic Leather strap case for Apple AirTag (2020)

Now, it’s worth noting here that Cyrill’s website is obviously a bit outdated, as far as when the AirTags were meant to launch. The company has 2020 listed, rather than 2021. That will likely change in the near future, especially as a launch actually nears.

As for when that might be? Cyrill notes on its website that the AirTag accessory should ship “in Late October”. No specific date, but that’s certainly a more defined window than we’ve seen in the past.

However! There’s a bit of a catch, because Cyrill’s Amazon listing says something completely different. According to the Amazon landing page for the same accessory, which shows a 2021 date, the product will ship with the fastest option between January 29 and February 2, 2021. On Amazon, the accessory is available to buy right now in Stone and Black color options.

It even says the product is in stock at the time of publication. Which is curious! The AirTags accessory is listed at $19.99 on Cyrill’s website, and $18.99 on Amazon for the Stone option, $17.99 for the Black option.

Another noteworthy element of Cyrill’s listing for the upcoming accessory to Apple’s tracking device is the fact it charges via wireless charging.

Are we going to see AirTags launch in late October? It’s certainly possible. Apple could unveil the new Tile-like tracking device alongside the new iPhone lineup later this year, and launch the product a few weeks later. Or, maybe we’ll see Apple unveil the device sooner than that.

Either way, are you planning on buying AirTags when they launch?