The best wallpapers of 2020 on iDB

Each week, the iDownloadBlog Wallpapers of the Week gallery is updated with fresh, photo quality images for your Apple devices. Our collection dates back more than seven years. During the year-end, we take time to reflect on the major updates and changes across Apple technology and the site. In so doing, as the curator of our wallpaper collection, I am always interested in wallpaper trends. This week’s wallpaper post is a top 5 wallpapers of 2020 recap, by reader popularity.

The 5 best wallpapers of 2020

The top 5 wallpapers are determined based on site traffic. Each week we have a tremendous amount of interest in our wallpaper collection, but of course, there are always those that shine brighter than others. While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it is clear that Apple really knows their stuff when it comes to choosing device wallpaper.

The top 4 of 5 wallpapers were all images that Apple used in advertising their own devices. While Apple is great at choosing their operating system default wallpapers, it is actually the device advertising wallpapers that tend to get the most interest. If you are an avid wallpaper fan, you will notice that Apple does not always release the device backgrounds found on their advertising sites and videos.

The iDB wallpaper community is always quick in nabbing these images and quickly optimizing them for your iOS devices. Below, you will find the iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers, iOS 14.2 system wallpapers, macOS Big Sur images, and iPhone 12 advertising wallpapers received top marks.

The fifth pack was not a surprise either, given the performance of our Star Wars wallpaper gallery.

iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers

The new iOS 14.2 wallpapers

6k macOS Big Sur time adjusted wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and desktop

iPhone 12 wallpapers

iPhone 12 advertising wallpapers

Finally, I was very excited to see the OLED optimized Mandalorian inspired iPhone wallpapers were in the top 5. Disney+ has done an incredible job with the first live action TV series for the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian Season 2 finale just aired on December 18, with an epic teaser for what is coming in 2021 — make sure to watch past the credits! OLED optimized wallpapers are not just reserved for Pro iPhones any longer. With the release of iPhone 12, all four new handsets features Apple’s incredible HDR optimized OLED panel.

The Mandalorian OLED optimized iPhone wallpapers

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