The Mandalorian wallpapers: OLED iPhone screens edition

On Friday, November 13, all flagship iPhones will receive an OLED display panel. For the first time, all of these devices will enjoy a Super Retina XDR, OLED display. Capable of almost infinite contrast ratio between True Black (#000000) and super bright, colorful imagery. The Mandalorian wallpaper pack included in this week’s Wallpapers of the Week combines two of my favorite things: Star Wars and iPhones. This collection includes eight The Mandalorian wallpapers optimized for OLED iPhone screens.

The Mandalorian wallpapers for iPhone

We are currently mid-season 2 of Disney+‘s Star Wars: The Mandalorian. I couldn’t be more excited to see where the season takes Mando and the child. Taking this imagery to your iPhone, Star Wars wallpapers are one of my favorite genres.

Utilizing True Black backgrounds on an iPhone OLED panel is one of the major joys of the upgraded hardware. Instead of reserving the OLED panels for the most expensive iPhone devices, Apple is now including OLED panels on all new flagship devices this fall. iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max all receive the upgraded experience. If you haven’t owned an OLED iPhone yet, download these wallpapers and see how much they pop on your screen, especially the ’90’s retro versions.

The entire collection is the work of digital wallpaper artist Jason Beerling. You can find an impressive OLED collection of wallpapers from your favorite video game, movie and sports genres via his reddit profile.

The Mandalorian wallpaper OLED iPhone idownloadblog mando and child pod

The Mandalorian and child “Clan of Two” wallpaper

The Mandalorian wallpaper OLED iPhone idownloadblog 90s retro purple

The Mandalorian 90’s “Retro Mando”

The Mandalorian wallpaper OLED iPhone idownloadblog mando bust

The Mandalorian portrait

The Mandalorian wallpaper OLED iPhone idownloadblog 90s retro mando

The Mandalorian 1990’s retro theme

The Mandalorian brandishing his blaster

The child and Mando family portrait wallpaper

The Mandalorian wallpaper OLED iPhone idownloadblog mando on the corner

Mando wallpaper in paint

Mando and child against a Stormtrooper background

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