This site gathers all sorts of useful information on games running on Apple silicon Macs

Apple currently does not list games that have been optimized to run on Apple silicon Macs. But thanks to a website dedicated to Apple silicon gaming, you can easily check game compatibility on the new M1 Macs, as well as performance and other useful information.

The Apple Silicon Games website is dedicated to gaming on Apple silicon Macs. Created “by Mac gamers for Mac gamers,” it brings game performance reports, reviews and more.

Most importantly, the site embeds a massive spreadsheet, based on gathered crowdsourced data, that not only tells you whether a game is playable on an M1 Mac but also about its runtime environment (native versus Rosetta or Crossover emulation), frame rate, resolution, controller support, underlying hardware and more. I especially like that some games are listed along with a YouTube video allowing me to see more details about the performance.

Site creator Thomas Schranz wrote:

Traditionally Macs are not considered very gaming friendly. Compared to Windows PCs, the Mac game library is smaller and PCs typically come with broader support for GPUs many games get optimized for. With the Apple silicon Macs, this is about to change.

Just scroll down to get to the table and see what games do what. Or, you can type the name of the game that interests you in the search field up top to get relevant information.

“This spreadsheet now is the most comprehensible list of game compatibility and performance for Apple’s new ARM-based Macs and is getting updated on an ongoing basis,” Thomas added.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this great resource for Apple silicon gaming.