AngryDuolingo makes the Duolingo app icon look angry when notifications are missed

Duolingo is perhaps one of the most popular apps for learning a new language available on the iOS and iPadOS  platforms, and despite this fact, the app appears to lack the types of fun and quirky Easter eggs that you might come to expect from an app of this caliber.

That’s where a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called AngryDuolingo by iOS developer Idefix2020 comes into play. It makes using the Duolingo app more fun by giving the Home Screen icon some added character as the app accumulates more and more missed notifications.

In essence, the tweak makes the icon appear angrier as more missed notifications rack up. In the screenshot examples above, you’ll see that the icon appears normal when there are no missed notifications, but it produces a mildly agitated expression when you have one missed notification and appears more furious when you have two or more missed notifications.

In the mildly agitated state, the icon still remains green, but the face acquires a snarling scowl. In the furious state, the icon changes red in color, while still maintaining the angry scowl.

In my opinion, AngryDuolingo offers  a fun and quirky way to capture the user’s attention when Duolingo has notifications to share. It may even help users complete their incomplete tasks more quickly, as it can make the icon more discernible when there are missed notifications that necessitate the user’s attention.

AngryDuolingo doesn’t have any options to configure, and was developed in response to a Reddit request. Those interested in giving AngryDuolingo a try may download it for free from the Twickd repository via their preferred package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices with the Duolingo app installed on them.

Will you be installing AngryDuolingo on your device, or do you not use Duolingo? Let us know down in the comments section below.