An increasing number of iPhone 12 owners are reporting persistent drops in cellular coverage

More and more people who own an iPhone 12 have taken to user forums and social media to complain of problems with cellular coverage — specifically, dropped 5G and LTE connectivity.

According to an increasing number of user reports posted to Reddit and Apple’s support forums, people are mostly experiencing this issue when walking or in transit, although some have reported cellular connectivity drops when stationary.

MacRumors has more:

Several users report suddenly losing all reception bars and seeing a ‘no service’ message on their ‌iPhone 12‌, despite being in an area of network coverage and seeing no connectivity issues on other devices, and iOS version doesn’t seem to be a factor.

Several users have been in touch with Apple technical support or their operator, and there’s some suggestion that the issue may be related to how the ‌iPhone 12‌ switches between cellular towers. Affected iPhones reportedly pass all of Apple’s diagnostic tests, while toggling Airplane mode on and off seems to correct the lost signal reception for some, but not all users.

This isn’t a problem on the network end because Verizon, T-Mobile, O2 and AT&T customers have all reported having this persistent issue. Furthermore, it appears to be a global problem rather than a local annoyance. That being said, it’s almost certainly a software issue that Apple is likely going to fix soon with an emergency iOS software update.

One Reddit poster wrote this:

Verizon support finally acknowledges the issue and told me they have an open ticket with Apple and they are working together to get this solved ASAP. They must be hearing it a lot because they didn’t even try to get me to troubleshoot my phone again (yesterday they did that twice).

The Cupertino giant is also investigating display issues with some iPhone 12 models along with a Lock screen touch sensitivity bug that’s plaguing some iPhone 12 mini units.