Experiencing Lock screen sensitivity issues with your iPhone 12 mini? You’re not alone!

Did you get your hands on an iPhone 12 mini? If so, how’s your Lock screen sensitivity? I’m asking because numerous reports from Reddit usersMacRumors forum members and more are pointing to various problems with touch sensitivity while on the Lock screen.

Because the iPhone 12 mini is such a super-compact device, the vast majority of its owners can use the handset in a single-handed mode without any issues. However, some people are finding that the handset wouldn’t unlock when swiping up from the bottom of the Lock screen. Attempting to press the Flashlight or Camera buttons on the Lock screen also does nothing, indicating there’s an issue with Lock screen sensitivity on the iPhone 12 mini.

MacRumors adds:

Some users speculate that the lack of responsiveness could be a conductivity or grounding issue because there are reports that it resolves itself when the handset is plugged into a wall charger or when touching the frame without a case.

It’s too early to tell if this is a hardware defect with some iPhone 12 mini or a software bug in iOS 14. My money is on the software side of things. If it were a hardware defect, touch would be acting up throughout the system, but this problem seems to be isolated to the Lock screen. I fully expect Apple to fix this annoying bug with a timely iOS 14.2.1 update.