This cool Apple Watch concept puts complications right into the Control Center

watchOS 8 won’t arrive before the next fall, but that didn’t stop YouTube channel “A Better Computer” by Matt Birchler from envisioning a clean look for watch faces.

People keep asking for third-party watch faces, but I think the Infograph family of faces show that we need less stuff on our watch faces, not more. Watch faces can get pretty busy with a bunch of complications. So how abbot taking those complications and putting them in the watchOS Control Center instead of adding more slots for complications on watch faces?

That’s exactly what this conceptual video imagines.

As Matt explained in the video:

When you swipe up from the watch face, you should be able to see complications. You should be able to add complications to the Control Center. I would like to see them right at the top so that when I swipe up on my watch face — with any watch face I have, whether it has tons of compications already and I just want more or if it’s one of these faces that have no complications — I wanna be able to see the things that I wanna do.

So imagine being able to start a workout or see your Activity rings really easily or see the weather at a glance without having to use a busy watch face with too many complications. “This is so much easier, in my opinion, than the current workarounds like swiping over to a different watch face or automating it through Shortcuts,” Matt opined.

Would decoupling the watch face from complications actually work, do you think?