Kuo: Two redesigned MacBook Pros in 2021, a more affordable MacBook Air in 2022

Apple is predicted to release a pair of new MacBook Pro notebooks in 2021 featuring an overhauled appearance, with a more affordable MacBook Air model to follow in 2022. All models are expected to use Apple’s own chips and the rumored mini-LED backlighting tech.

That’s according to reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TFI Securities.

According to his new research note issue to clients this morning, copies of which were obtained by AppleInsider, MacRumors and 9to5Mac, the increased cost of mini-LED panels in Mac notebooks will be offset by the lower production cost of ‌Apple Silicon‌ chips versus Intel.

AppleInsider has amore on mini-LED:

Mini LED is, as the name suggests, a very small LED component. While current LEDs are used for backlighting systems, they typically rely on a small number of LEDs lighting up a larger area. Mini LED changes that by allowing more of them to be installed throughout the backlight layer.

The result is a backlight that is extremely evenly lit and one that could offer higher levels of contrast by dimming darker areas of the screen. This could allow for extremely high contrast displays to be created, while still relying on the relatively mature and cost-effective LCD technology rather than switching to the expensive OLED.

The two new MacBook Pro models coming in 2021 include the previously-rumored 14-inch and another model. Both should feature a redesigned enclosure. Kuo did not say whether a “more affordable” MacBook Air coming in 2022 would feature a chassis redesign.

MacRumors has more on Kuo’s shipment projections:

Upcoming Apple devices with mini-LED displays are also projected to see much higher than expected shipments. TFI Securities has revised its shipment forecasts by 350 percent for 2021 and 450 percent in 2022. Apple is presumed to ship 10 to 12 million mini-LED devices in 2021 and 25 to 28 million mini-LED devices in 2022.

Epistar is anticipated to make major gains as a result, with the company now expected to serve as Apple’s sole mini-LED supplier. The reason behind the revised estimates are lower than expected costs for mini-LED components over the next few years and faster adoption of mini-LED panels in MacBook devices.

The revered analyst mentioned that Apple may launch “2 or 3 new chargers in 2021”.