Create screencasts effortlessly with the free online screen recorder RecordCast

macOS includes basic screen recording features, and you can capture a video of your computer’s screen in QuickTime as well. For added functionality, you need a dedicated app. RecordCast is 100% free to use, requires no download and comes with a built-in video editor.

This easy-to-use web app sports flexible screen recording features that work surprisingly well given that the whole thing runs in a web browser. For starters, the app creates high-quality screen recordings. I was able to capture the screen of my 27-inch Thunderbolt Display using my 15-inch Core i9 MacBook Pro notebook without a single frame dropped.

I was also surprised at how speedy downloads are. I have tested the software by recording several sample screencasts of up to a few minutes long. As soon as I’ve stopped recording, the video was immediately ready and waiting to be downloaded to my Mac.

You can record your screencasts with or without sound. Currently on the Mac, you can only record audio of the browser tab so you’ll need to use Chrome on Windows to record system audio until they implement this functionality in the macOS edition of the Google browser.

There are three modes to choose from. Firstly, you can simultaneously record both the content of your screen and yourself through your Mac’s built-in webcam. You can also record only your computer screen. And with the third option, you can only record webcam video.

You can capture screen recordings for up to 30 minutes for free without a watermark.

You can also perform basic edits of your screencast using a built-in video editor that runs in Chrome, including adding eye-catching titles, annotations, effects and more. And all of the aforementioned features are available without requiring a download. You’ll need to give the app permission to record your Mac’s screen and use a built-in microphone via System Preferences, which may result in a minor inconvenience because doing so requires a browser restart.

All told, I’ve found RecordCast to be a great tool for just about anyone, whether you’re remote-studying, doing podcasts, creating video tutorials, putting together product demos and presentations or just want to boost your video creation skills.

You can access the web app in Google Chrome on your Mac at