Keep your iPhone 12 data under control with the must-have iOS manager AnyTrans [sponsored]

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS manager backup restore media

So you’ve got a brand-new iPhone 12, but how do you transfer your valuable iOS data from the old iPhone to the new one? With AnyTrans from iMobie, you can easily keep your iOS data under control, seamlessly transition to a new iPhone with a few clicks and much more.

Seamless iPhone 12 migration

Created by iMobie, the developer behind the iOS data recovery app PhoneRescue, the comprehensive app AnyTrans for Mac and Windows allows you to transfer, back up and manage content on your iOS and Android devices. The software has been optimized to work with Apple’s latest iPhone 12 lineup and lets you keep all device data under your control.

AnyTrans includes many features allowing you to transfer, manage and back up your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and iCloud content. But before we get to it, iMobie is currently running a contest giving you a chance to win a brand spanking new iPhone 12 by sharing the story behind the first iPhone you got via the AnyTrans iPhone 12 giveaway page.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS manager backup restore media library books

We’re going to focus on three features of AnyTrans that new iPhone 12 owners will care about: Phone Switcher, which lets you transfer data from your old iPhone or Android to your new iPhone 12 with just one click; Device Manager for copying data from your Mac or Windows PC to an iPhone 12 with drag and drop; and lastly, the iTunes Library feature which allows you to migrate media in the iTunes library on your computer to your new handset.

The best assistant for iPhone 12 daily use

Instead of using limited data management in iTunes, take advantage of AnyTrans’ Device Manager feature to control your iPhone 12 data. Use it to transfer data like your photos, music, messages, contacts and more from iPhone 12 to your computer, and vice versa. You can use the Device Manager whenever you’d like to selectively transfer those items between your iOS device and the computer. The AnyTrans Support website has many useful tutorials covering the app’s features, including a guide about how to transfer data from one iPhone to another.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS manager backup restore device manager

For backing up everything on your device, use the Backup Manager feature. With it, you can back up and restore your iPhone content wirelessly. You can set the app to perform automatic backups periodically so you don’t have to worry about it. Besides, AnyTrans allows you to preview saved backup files, see the items inside and extract selectively what you need.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans backup restore backup manager

This is an essential tool if you plan on switching from your old to your new phone without losing any data in the migration process. It also frees you from having to use iTunes for that or iCloud Backup, which often requires paid iCloud storage. By the way, AnyTrans includes a powerful tool for secure and reliable management of your iCloud content.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS backup restore iCloud manager

Other essential AnyTrans tools

As mentioned, AnyTrans offers a bunch of other features that will be important to new iPhone owners, including the Ringtone Maker, Media Downloader, App Downloader and Screen Mirroring features. The Ringtone Maker makes it a cinch to turn your favorite song into an iOS ringtone with just a few clicks, avoiding the cumbersome process in iTunes.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS manager backup restore media ringtone maker

Media Downloader makes it easy to grab online music and videos from more than a thousand sites to your computer in an iOS-friendly format. Apple requires you to go through iTunes to load your iPhone with music, and you cannot download online videos, so this is an important feature for those who want to enjoy online music and videos without an Internet connection.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS manager backup restore media downloader

Apple with iTunes 12.7 abruptly removed the ability to download and manage iOS apps from your computer. AnyTrans brings the App Store back to your desktop computer. You can search and download your favorite iPhone and iPad apps from within AnyTrans, as well as batch-install multiple apps to your iOS devices directly with a click of a button.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS manager backup restore media app downloader

And thanks to Screen Mirroring, you can easily mirror, record or capture everything that’s shown on the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a movie file on your computer, great for tutorial and gameplay videos! This will be especially appreciated by gamers and those who are tech support for their family members. All screen recordings are made from your computer, meaning your iPhone isn’t bogged down while you play a game or use apps.

iPhone 12 switch - AnyTrans iOS manager backup restore media screen mirroring

Pricing and availability

And as mentioned, you have a chance to win a new 128GB iPhone 12 worth $849 by sharing a story behind the very first iPhone you got on the AnyTrans iPhone 12 giveaway page.

AnyTrans is a free download from Mac and Windows from the iMobie website.

To make the most out of the app, you can purchase a license to unlock all the features. iMobie offers 1-year or lifetime single-user licenses, in addition to a family license for up to five different users. All licenses include free upgrades to the app and 24/7 free customer support.