iPhone 12 mini: 12 things you need to know

With the iPhone 12 mini, Apple is introducing a brand-new size to it smartphone lineup. Thanks to its compact, easily pocketable form factor, we think the iPhone 12 mini will become a hot seller. That being said, we thought you might be interested in the essentials of the iPhone 12 mini before buying it so we’ve asked our videographer Harris Craycraft to put together a video in which he discusses several things you need to know about the iPhone 12 mini.

The iPhone 12 mini features Apple’s Super Retina XDR display that measures 5.4 inches diagonally. And thanks to the nearly fullscreen design enabled by Face ID, this phone is extremely pocketable. The display is built around OLED technology and provides 2,340‑by‑1,080 pixels. The densely packed pixels result in a sharp screen at 476 pixels per inch.

Here’s Harris with a dozen things you need to know about the iPhone 12 mini.

Starting at $699 in the United States, the iPhone 12 mini will be available to pre-order on November 6 in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities and in Blue, Green, Black, White and (PRODUCT)RED colors from Apple.com, select wireless carriers and authorized resellers.

Size comparison: the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, at left, versus the 4.7-inch iPhone SE, at right

Are you planning on purchasing an iPhone 12 mini?

I’ll be waiting for the photographer’s iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but if I had extra cash lying around somewhere I’d be tempted to also get an iPhone 12 mini, that’s how much I like it!