Apple Card is seeing support issues on Amazon for some customers

If you have an Apple Card, and you’ve noticed some issues with Amazon recently, you aren’t the only one.

Horse_Dad2 took to Reddit to post the issue (via 9to5Mac), and says that Amazon is currently having an issue recognizing the Apple Card as a supported payment method. What’s more, the Reddit user says that Amazon has actually automatically removed the Apple Card as a payment method entirely. Horse_Dad2 says they’ve been using the Apple Card just fine up until recently.

When Horse_Dad2 tries to re-add the card, Amazon simply pops up an error message and won’t add the credit card again. When an Amazon rep got involved, they said that the company is currently recognizing the Apple Card numbers (which aren’t randomized) as Apple Pay, which is causing the issue.

When I finally got someone from amazon on the phone, I was told that it was because their systems are starting to recognize the card number as Apple Pay, and amazon does not accept Apple Pay.

And the issue has been confirmed by other Apple Card users as well:

Just checked as well. My Apple Card has been removed from my Amazon Wallet. Tried to re-add it and getting this error. There was a problem. We’re sorry, we weren’t able to save your credit card information. Please enter it again or try using another form of payment.

Some users have noted that Apple Card was working as recently as this Wednesday, but, as of today, support is no longer present.

Are you experiencing any issues like this?