Google has a new way to notify you if it detects a major security issue with your account

Google has outlined a new feature, coming to iOS soon, that will notify you in case of a major security issue with your Google account no matter what Google app you’re using at the time.

According to the company’s blog post published earlier today, not only has this critical alert been redesigned, but takes advantage of a new way of delivering it.

When we detect a serious Google Account security issue, we’ll automatically display an alert within the Google app you’re using and help you address it—no need to check email or your phone’s alerts. The new alerts are resistant to spoofing, so you can always be sure they’re coming from us.

Here’s a GIF animation showing the feature in action.

Google has confirmed to The Verge that these security alerts are rolling out on a limited basis in the coming weeks, first on iOS, before becoming more broadly available early next year.

Other new features from Google include a guest mode in Assistant and the ability to see a summary of your Google Account settings by searching for phrases like “Is my Google Account secure?”. And to make it easier to control your privacy, you’ll soon be able to directly edit your Location History data in Timeline by adding or editing places you’ve visited.

As for Assistant’s guest mode, it’s rolling out in the coming weeks to the Nest smart speakers and displays. You will be able to turn this new mode on simply by saying “Hey Google, turn on guest mode.” Once it’s enabled, Google won’t save any requests to your account.

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