Centauri lets jailbreakers on iOS 14 customize the native Batteries widget

One of the most substantial changes Apple implemented in the new iOS and iPadOS 14 software updates a couple of weeks ago involves widget functionality. Once confined to the Today page, widgets can now be integrated directly into the Home Screen user experience; furthermore, those same widgets have become more advanced and interactive than they were in previous versions of iOS and iPadOS, but they’re still far from perfect.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a jailbroken iOS or iPadOS 14 device at your disposal (currently only possible with the checkra1n jailbreak and an A9 or A9X handset at the time of this writing), then you may now take advantage of a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Centauri by iOS developer MTAC to unlock new features specifically designed for iOS and iPadOS 14’s native Batteries widget.

Once installed, Centauri adds a dedicated preference pane to the Settings app where users can customize various parameters that pertain specifically to iOS and iPadOS 14’s native Batteries widget:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle Centauri on or off on demand
  • Enable the ability to tap anywhere in the widget to enable Low Power Mode
  • Enable haptic feedback in the Batteries widget
  • Hide devices from the Batteries widget whose battery level is 0% (empty rings)
  • Apply your changes

Centauri is a wonderful add-on, but it’s worth noting that it isn’t the first jailbreak tweak designed to improve the new Batteries widget in iOS and iPadOS 14. Just in the past week, we showed you a tweak called BatteryWidgetLabels, which displayed numeric battery percentages underneath each individual item in the Batteries widget to compliment the each items’ rings. At this time, Centauri doesn’t support this feature.

Regardless, Centauri is a wonderful upgrade for iOS and iPadOS 14’s new Batteries widget, and those interested in giving it a try may download it for free from MTAC’s repository via their favorite package manager. Centauri only works on jailbroken installations of iOS and iPadOS 14, as it isn’t compatible with the older Batteries widget on iOS and iPadOS 13 or older. Additionally, Centauri is open source on the developer’s GitHub page for those interested in learning more about it.

Do you plan or give Centauri a try, or are you still waiting for an iOS or iPadOS 14 jailbreak for your particular device? Let us know in the comments section down below.