AMC+ is now available with Apple TV Channels for $8.99 per month

The “Plus” addition to any streaming service suggests more. And that’s the case with the premium access route to the AMC channel.

For anyone who has been hoping to see AMC+, which has been available for quite some time now, added to the available options for Apple TV’s Channels feature, the wait is over. AMC+ is a premium subscription service that offers content from the channel AMC, but also adds a rotating catalog of movies, and also bundles various other streaming services together.

What do you get with AMC+, which costs $8.99 per month? Actually, quite a bit. If you sign up, you’ll gain access to the horror-focused streaming service Shudder (normally $5.99 per month), as well as IFC Films Unlimited (normally $5.99 per month), and Sundance Now (normally $6.99 per month).

Of course, you can watch content from the AMC channel as well, so you’ll get access to series like The Walking Dead and the still renowned and praised Mad Men.

This is a pretty good deal for anyone who wants content from those additional premium subscription services, but doesn’t want to fork over more than $10 per month. Remember, though, those standalone channels are still available as well. So if you do subscribe to AMC+, cancel those other subscriptions as well. You don’t want to get double-billed.

With integration into Apple TV Channels, AMC+ content is now available to add to the “What to Watch” list, and you can share the content with your family as well. You’ll be able to watch the content online or offline, too.

As noted above, AMC+ is available for $8.99 per month. However, you can get 7 days worth of a free trial right now if you sign up.

Who’s going to start watching AMC+?