Screenshots reportedly show off 120Hz display settings for iPhone 12 Pro Max, new camera features

While the iPhone 12 lineup will see a bit of a delay, that just means the rumor mill is here to keep us going. For example, new screenshots allegedly show off confirmation of a rumored feature, as well as new tweaks to the camera app.

The images were shared on Twitter today by serial leaker Jon Prosser who has accurately predicted a variety of features in the past. These screenshots are allegedly taken from a production validation (PVT) prototype iPhone 12 Pro Max. With that being said, Prosser also notes in subsequent tweets that while these new features are captured in the screenshots, things could change for the final versions of the handset.

The more interesting screenshot, which you can see at the top of this article, is the ability to tweak refresh rates on the display. There are two options: “Enable High Refresh Rate” and “Enable Adaptive Refresh Rate”. With that first option, iPhone 12 Pro Max users would be able to enable up to 120Hz refresh rate on the display. That feature has been rumored for quite some time, but expectations of its inclusion in this year’s iPhones have started to fade a bit.

Meanwhile, that second toggle would enable the iPhone 12 Pro Max to automatically and intelligently switch between 120Hz and 60Hz refresh rates depending on the content displayed on the screen.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are rumored to include a LiDAR Scanner just like the new iPad Pro models. With that being said, the other screenshot Prosser included in the tweet includes teases for that particular feature. The toggle options would give iPhone 12 Pro Max users the ability to use the LiDAR Scanner for autofocus, and a boost in Night Mode photography with subject detection.

“Advanced Noise Reduction” is also teased in the screenshot, and 4K video recording at 120fps 240fps.

The caveat

As mentioned above, this handset is a PVT model — it’s even described as such in the text for each toggle option. That means that Apple is testing these features and that may be it. Even the settings for these features indicate that the PVT models being tested might not have these features supported.

Apple could decide not to bring these features to the final production models of any of the iPhone 12 units. And, indeed, it has been rumored that could be the case. However, the latest rumor suggested the delay in the iPhone 12’s launch could mean the 120Hz refresh rate does make it to the final model. So maybe there’s still hope.

If Apple doesn’t include the 120Hz refresh rate in the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max, will you skip this year’s upgrade?

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