Apple says the iPhone SE is assembled in India for local customers

Apple’s primary hub for manufacturing many of its products, including the iPhone lineup, is in China. However, the company is looking to branch out, and one area of interest has been India for quite some time.

Now, the company has confirmed with The Times of India that is indeed manufacturing the iPhone SE (the new version) in India, and that it is “excited” to be making the handset for “local customers”. Apple also noted in its confirmation that the iPhone SE “packs our most powerful chip into our most popular size at our most affordable price”, boasting about the smaller handset’s prowess, size, and price tag all in one line.

Wistron is manufacturing the iPhone in India at a facility in Bengaluru, according to the report. The company is not a stranger to manufacturing iPhones, either, handling assembly duties for both the iPhone 7, the original iPhone SE, and the iPhone 6s in India as well.

This is good news for Apple, because it means it reduces some of its reliance on China and its manufacturing arms there. Not that Apple can give up on the region anytime soon, of course. Still, branching out to other markets should help Apple spread out some of its assembly plans, and, hopefully, reduce wait time for future devices down the road.

Did you pick up a new iPhone SE? If so, how do you like the handset so far?