“One Line Coloring” hits App Store: create vibrant shapes that fold into gorgeous dioramas

The vibrant puzzle game “One Line Coloring” from developer Mythic Owl is now available to download for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from the App Store.

There are many coloring games, but none of them quite like “One Line Coloring”. Featuring hand-drawn models of various objects, “One Line Coloring” is a unique coloring game in which you connect dots to create lively shapes that compose and fold into themed dioramas.

Here’s the official description:

Inspired by the classic pen-and-paper game of connecting dots, ‘One Line Coloring’ gives players an impression of actually drawing the full object, line by line. Some objects are easily recognizable as our everyday items, others need to be completed to reveal their true form.

Each level offers a different object shape. Your goal is to connect different sections to have them fill with colors. Each level starts with an abstract set of dots that gradually reveals a colorful model. The puzzle game is available for PC, Nintendo Switch and Android as well.

Watch the trailer for “One Line Coloring” embedded below.

Another excerpt from the App Store description:

Each model is part of a bigger picture—a rich, detailed diorama that represents a continuous scene. The ultimate goal is to uncover all colorful shapes and complete every diorama. Once solved, the object is beautifully animated and saved as a part of themed dioramas.

The game packs in a varied selection of dioramas, including an island, coral reef, forest and space. The models include in each level are based around everyday items such as gadgets, flora and fauna, architecture and so forth.

And here are the key features of the game:

  • Over 100 carefully designed models to uncover and collect
  • 6 unique themes to showcase completed models
  • Playful scenes presented as dioramas for players to create
  • Pastel, eye-catching visuals to relax our mind
  • Engaging dot connecting mechanics to spice up the gameplay
  • Fresh twist to a classic, dot-to-dot games
  • Creative puzzles easy for children, engaging for adults
  • Complete all beautiful, hand-drawn models of diverse objects

Download “One Line Coloring” for iOS from the App Store for $3 a pop.