Apple’s new gift card in the U.S. is for ‘everything Apple’

Apple’s gift card situation hasn’t always been the easiest, with two distinct options for customers who are looking to buy something. But now the company is streamlining things.

As was first noticed by¬†iCulture, Apple has launched a new gift card option in the United States which is designed to handle all of a customer’s potential purchases, whether they want to buy something from the App Store, re-up their iCloud subscription, or walk into an Apple Store (when they open again) and buy a product in there. The company says these new gift card options are for “everything Apple”, and that indeed appears to be the case.

Apple’s tagline for the new gift card pretty much sums it up:

Products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud, and more. This gift card does it all. And then some.

Up until the release of this new gift card, Apple has kept two options: iTunes gift cards for digital purchases, like buying things from the App Store or the iTunes Store. And then there is the Apple Store gift card, which handles purchases in a physical retail shop or via Apple’s online storefront. Having just one gift card should make this all a lot easier for someone who doesn’t know exactly what someone else might want to buy from Apple, so they aren’t restricting their options just by giving them a gift card.

Customers can choose the amount they want to add onto the card, and the customer who receives the card can load those funds into their Apple Account Balance as well.

For folks out there who still have an Apple Store gift card, you can still use them to buy products from the company as you normally would. If you have an iTunes gift card, though, Apple says you can use those to not only buy digital products, but also physical goods from Apple’s stores as well, both online and off.

There are five different physical gift card designs to choose from, or up to eight different designs if you choose to send a gift card digitally.

The new gift card option is available in the United States only to start, and you can get them now.