Unc0ver updated to v5.3.0 with support for iOS 12.4.8 & more on older handsets

Team unc0ver launched an updated version of the unc0ver jailbreak tool Thursday afternoon in a move that brings it up to version 5.3.0.

Citing the official announcement shared by the unc0ver team’s Twitter account, the updated jailbreak tool adds support for Apple’s new iOS 12.4.8 firmware for older devices such as the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and first-generation iPad Air:

The official change log, which has been published on the unc0ver.dev website along with refreshed download links for the jailbreak tool, notes the following changes in all:

07/23/2020 – v5.3.0 was released for production with the following changes:

– Add iOS 12.3-12.3.1 and 12.4.1-12.4.8 (Latest Versions) support for iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPad Air 1 models with high exploit reliability
– Fix rare reliability issues with the jailbreak process for all devices

As it would seem, the update not only adds support for the latest firmware available for the aforementioned devices, but it also adds support for previously unsupported versions of iOS on those devices as well. Obviously, we recommend updating to the latest jailbreakable firmware to enjoy the latest bug fixes and security improvements while being jailbroken.

If you’re using a previous version of the unc0ver jailbreak, then the updated version is recommended because it improves reliability on all devices. As always, you can download the latest version of the unc0ver jailbreak from the official unc0ver.dev website.

If you’ve never used unc0ver before and want help jailbreaking your device, then you can follow our step-by-step tutorial showcasing how to jailbreak with unc0ver using AltStore.

Have you used the latest version of the unc0ver jailbreak yet? Let us know how it went for you in the comments section below.