You can now protect Facebook Messenger with Face ID or Touch ID

Facebook today added a new security feature to its mobile Messenger app, dubbed App Lock, which lets you protect the software with Face ID or Touch ID so no one can read your chats.

A more secure Messenger

Facebook writing in a blog post this morning:

App Lock lets you add another layer of security to your private messages and helps prevent other people from accessing them. This optional feature gives you the confidence to know that if a friend or family member needs to borrow your phone, they won’t be able to access your chats.

For further information, visit Facebook’s Privacy and Safety Hub.

Face/Touch ID lock is available today in Messenger for iPhone and iPad.

The feature is off by default and needs to be manually turned on for every iPhone and iPad running Messenger from the app’s overhauled Privacy settings section. Facebook says this will serve as a centralized place for all of Messenger’s privacy-related features, including additional privacy features currently being worked on.

Android customers will be getting App Lock “in the next few months.”

New controls coming soon

In addition to these new features, Facebook has said that all-new inbox and call controls are coming to Messenger soon. These will make it easy to choose who can message or call you directly, who goes to your requests folder and who can’t message or call you at all.

We’re also exploring more ways to protect your privacy and safety when someone you don’t know sends you a message. We’ll be testing a feature similar to what exists on Instagram and WhatsApp that blurs images in your message requests folder. This way, you have the choice to view an image from someone you may not know before replying to the message or blocking or reporting the account.

These upcoming new features will be similar to the message controls on Instagram.

Do you use Messenger?

Do you use Facebook Messenger? If not, what’s your messaging platform of choice? I use iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger because my friends use these messaging platforms as well, but I’d gladly use a unified solution, if available.

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