Apple Maps vehicles now surveying Sweden, Norway, and Finland

Apple Maps has been steadily improving over the years, and that’s due in part to Apple sending out vehicles (and people!) to better survey locations all across the globe.

And now, thanks to an update to Apple’s official Maps website (via¬†MacRumors), we know where Apple Maps’ surveying vehicles are heading to next: Sweden, Norway, and Finland. With the vehicles making their way around these areas, the surveyors will be collecting local data and street-level imagery. All told, this will bring even more detail to Apple Maps.

The data collection and street-level imagery will also make it possible to expand Apple Maps’ Look Around feature in these areas. It’s not a secret that Look Around still has a lot of places it needs to launch in, primarily only available in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and other major metro areas.

Tutorial: How to use Look Around in Maps for a street level view

The original report notes that the Apple Maps website has removed the United Kingdom from its list of to-be-surveyed locations, which could indicate that Apple has finished in this area. If that is indeed the case, then the improved Maps experience should arrive in the U.K. soon. Apple has already said that the new Maps experience will arrive in some locations in Europe before the end of 2020, so the company may be right on track to meet that goal.

So if you’re in Sweden, Norway, or Finland and you see Apple’s surveying vehicles out there in the wild, just know that your Maps experience is on the right path to some pretty great improvements.