Listen to the cool sounds Apple’s upcoming AirTags tracking accessory will play in use

Apple’s upcoming Tile-like AirTags tracking accessory designed to be attached to easily misplaced items such as keys and wallets will apparently use a plethora of sounds to signal its various states to the user, including subtly indicating when an AirTag is nearby.

Leaker @soybeys today tweeted a video featuring the full array of sounds that AirTags should play in use. The video, embedded below, shows the various sounds with different names.

AppleInsider has more:

The video shows an array of sounds in what looks like a list of files with localized versions. Of the icons that leaker Soybeys clicks on to play, all are either .caf or .ahap files. The former is Core Audio Format, developed by Apple, which aims be a container for multiple sounds or types of sound.

Apple also created the latter format, the .ahap, which is the Apple Haptic and Audio Pattern file format. This suggests that alongside the sounds AirTags make in use, they may provide haptic feedback.

Here’s a list of file names in the order they’re played in the video, via AppleInformed:

  • FMR1Ahead-B398.caf (Likely to play when the AirTag is in front of you)
  • FMR1Ahead-Off-B398.caf (Likely to play if you leave the correct direction of the AirTag)
  • FMR1ArmsReach-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are wishing arms reach of your AirTag)
  • FMR1ArmsReach-Off-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are not facing the right direction when in Arms Reach of your AirTag)
  • FMR1Arrow-Build-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are facing the right direction and moving closer to the AirTag)
  • FMR1Arrow-Scatter-B398.caf (Likely to play when you move towards the AirTag in the incorrect direction)
  • FMR1Nearby-B398.caf (Likely to play when you are near the AirTag)

On top of that, another leak this morning has suggested that the accessory may utilize a new Apple R1 chip along with a new Find My Tag app for finding lost items instead of providing that functionality via a new Items tab in the current Find My  app, as was previously rumored.

AirTags could release later this year or early next year, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Of all the rumored features that AirTags should bring, I’m most excited for these custom sounds and haptic feedback. Finding lost items should finally be fun!

How about you?