AirTags tracking tiles may use Apple R1 chip and Find My Tag app

Apple's rumored Tile-like accessory discovered in iOS 13

iOS leaker @blue_kanikama yesterday shared some additional details regarding AirTags, which is Apple’s rumored and unannounced Bluetooth accessory that can be attached to items like keys for tracking purposes.

According to internal code found in iOS, AirTags may be powered by a brand new Apple chip, reportedly dubbed the “R1”. It’s apparently built around the same ultra-wideband technology as featured on the latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models.

And if Apple’s work on the W1 and H1 chips used in some of its headphones is an indication, the R1 is probably a power-friendly chip that should make the AirTags work seamlessly with the paired iOS device and allow your device to detect which AirTag is closest and which is furthest away.

And although prior reporting suggested that users will be able to find lost or misplaced items with AirTags attached to them via the a new Items tab in Apple’s existing Find My app on iPhone, iPad and Mac, @blue_kanikama is adamant that Apple will push a new app to help find your AirTags, called Find My Tags.

AppleInformed has more on that:

Alongside this, the leaker also shared code for what appears to be a new app inside iOS called Find My Tag. Under the internal .plist file for ‘Find My Tag’, it says that it uses ultra wideband technology so this is very clearly pointing to an app for the AirTags, but the leaker hasn’t shared how it will work, look or function with the U1 and the AirTag’s R1 chips.

Apple may unveil the AirTags at the upcoming online-only WWDC, which kicks off next Monday. Stay tuned to iDownloadBlog as we’ll keep you posted!

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